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All About Tap Tap Tours & Transportation LLC


From 2016 to present, Tap Tap Tours has conducted an approximate amount of 500 tours to individual, families, private groups, schools, business and friends. Tap Tap Tours foundation is based on education. The goal is to inform people of their roots and expose them to other traditional culture practices. These tours are led based on questions that are being ask, which allows the learning process to be fun, spontaneous, and refreshing from people to people. Through the lens of history, culture and architecture guest will have an opportunity to contextualize their own understand of a particular neighborhood.  


Hello my name is Cidelca, your local tour guide. I know 3 languages Haitian Kreyòl, French, and English. I am fluent in both Haitian Kreyòl, and English, as for French not as much. Upon completion of my academic career in Architecture, the process of design has steered my interest in the field of tourism to exchange knowledge with people.  As a Multicultural Tourism Ambassador, I have met people from all over the world. The opportunity to meet people of varies cultures every week provide the motivation to facilitate the experiences. 

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